Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Germ Theory

Did I ever mention I was a series regular on a Sci-fi show?

Probably did, but didn't make too much of a fuss of it. Maybe it's because the show got canceled after two years, somehow making me a failure because of it. Or it could be that it was on the Sci-Fi channel, which meant that few people watched it when it was on. Maybe it was that once it was canceled, it was never shown on the Sci-fi channel again for odd reasons, nor did it ever surface in syndication or DVD. It could be that I just didn't think I was that good in the show.

Whatever the reasons, I'm beginning to reevaluate them. This is helped by the fact that they finally released the first season on DVD, then on Hulu.com. But the final straw is when Hulu has released the second season online a few days ago. this was my season, primarily becasue they finally officially made me a series regular, but also because the writers and I had really started to dig into my character. The nebish, nerdy Eberts, long a wallflower in the action packed show was finallly getting a chance to stretch his legs and for me, my acting chops.

So here's an episode that I particularly like inthe second season. It's probably the easiest one to plug into as far as the blend of science fiction, action and comedy that the show did so well. It was also a great blend of the ensemble, everyone had something fun to do.

Watch as much as you want, I don't get paid so it doesn't hurt my feelings or my wallet if you stop early. It's a great little show that I'm just now starting to plug.

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