Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Domino's Pizza Commercial

Domino's Spot

Midway into my Vegas vacation, I booked this spot. It's a regional spot and I didn't expect to see it until I went to the production companies website. It was on the director's reel.

It's a pretty funny spot. Oddly enough, I think I booked it originally because I was the most understated actor at the audition. that changed on set, as you can see.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sure Thing

Easiest shoot ever:
1. arrive at 7am to Fox lot.
2. Go to wardrobe. They like what I'm wearing.
3. Go to make up, they love my skin. Only powder and I'm done.
4. Find catering and eat eggs and 19 pieces of bacon.
5. doze in nice dressing room for 45 minutes. Script and contract waiting for me.
5. Get called to set at 8pm. Set is a Taxi cab .

6. Meet Alyson Hannigan (pictured behind my head) and other lead. Some random dude announces "Hey, that was almost my part". Have no idea what the hell he's talking about. Care little.
7. Shoot scene one (no lines). Alyson Hannigan punches my arm as 4 cameras capture all the action. Apologises to me for hitting me.
8. Shoot scene #2, one line, "Sure Thing". Delivered brilliantly.
9. Crew applauds my work, slort like being compelled to tip a waiter who brought you a cup of coffee. I am released at 8:40am. Take two donuts and a sprite - because I can - and drive off lot.
10. Take nap around 3pm to offset early morning shoot.
11. Calculate that I am paid over $100 PER LETTER for my shoot. Makes me highest paid actor on the set per letter and per hour. Feel immensely powerful. Nap some more and dream of more Sure things in life.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And Now A Word from My Sponsors

Nothing spectacular here, just going to list all the commercials I've ever done. Not really for you as much as for me to have some sort of record.

Well, I take it back, I am putting this online to impress you and make me feel good about myself.

Barona Casino (With Kenny Rogers...never aired)
103.7 the Planet
Golf Club Spot (For some reason, they hired an Irish crew to fly to San Diego to make this spot. Never aired. Paid me $3,000)
Cox Cable
Computer Company (Don't remember name. It was about y2k and ran during one tennis tournament)
Barona (this time it aired)
Geico (Made a TON of money on this one)
Sony Playstation
Luizanne Iced Tea
Wall Street Journal (cast in it, but shot the pilot for "The Invisible Man" instead. Good choice.)
Dodge Nitro
Southwest Bell (Hardest shoot I ever had)
Borders (easiest shoot I ever had)
Taco Bell (Cut from it, voice for CGI Turtle replaced with lame dude)
USE Bank

I probably missed a couple, but that's the list.

I kind of feel like when you list all the girls you hooked up with and suddenly you realize that it wasn't as many as you thought. to be sure, these spots have made me over $100,000 collectively..maybe higher. But when I think of the hundreds of commercials I try out for, it seems less impressive than a couple of paragraphs ago promised. Certainly, the list of commercials that I almost got is far more impressive, if not as lucrative.

Waiting at the AT&T callback...and waiting...

...and waiting. Me and ten other stocky dudes waiting to go in and
give it a shot. Taking a looooong time for each person. May fotune
favor the foolish...

Monday, October 6, 2008

My son on the Fox lot.

During my audition for how I met your mother. Fortunately, the
casting director was super cool about it. I just hope he doesn't get
it over me.