Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bored of this site

I'm not liking this site any more.

It's not you, it's me.

Actually, it's probably nobody.

See, I envisioned this as a place to chat about acting. Specifically, my acting experiences and how I really felt about them. It would essentially be a port of my MySpace blog which had a following enough to make me consider moving the whole kit and caboodle to a site that does not pimp ringtones on the sides of my life. I'd build up a huge, cool-ass following and then parley that into a teaching job or something even better. It was pie in the sky and I was hungry.

But the reality of the blog became something different. In the walled garden that is Myspace, I can bitch about the industry with relative impunity. If a director sucked or an agent dissed me, I could vent there. Even if it was just a bad audition, I could dissect it in graphic details for the curious friends to see. The blog was (and is) restricted to only those that I deem suitable to read my blog.

But this is the wild world wide web. Everything is searchable. If I name a producer or agent who was a jackass to me, one simple vanity google of their own name and I'm in trouble. The town is too small to mouth off, and it's too dangerous when you are a mid-level actor like I am. I need them more than the reverse being true.

So I've ended up watering down my posts here, or just not posting at all. that makes this a boring, infrequently visited site - both by you and I. Honesty and creativity are currency on the web and I have neither here.

So I'll probably mix things up here a bit. I may rant on things that don't directly affect my ability to find a job, I might focus on one issue in particular. I don't know anymore.

Of course, the oddest thing right now about this blog is that I'm not sure anyone is actually reading it. This could be as close to writing a personal journal as I can get if it has the viewship I think is does. While there is something heroic to carrying on when no one else will listen to you, blog is not one of thos instances.

So I end here, and maybe I begin here too. I'll still blog about acting. It won't be exclusive, but it may become interesting.

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