Monday, October 13, 2008

Sure Thing

Easiest shoot ever:
1. arrive at 7am to Fox lot.
2. Go to wardrobe. They like what I'm wearing.
3. Go to make up, they love my skin. Only powder and I'm done.
4. Find catering and eat eggs and 19 pieces of bacon.
5. doze in nice dressing room for 45 minutes. Script and contract waiting for me.
5. Get called to set at 8pm. Set is a Taxi cab .

6. Meet Alyson Hannigan (pictured behind my head) and other lead. Some random dude announces "Hey, that was almost my part". Have no idea what the hell he's talking about. Care little.
7. Shoot scene one (no lines). Alyson Hannigan punches my arm as 4 cameras capture all the action. Apologises to me for hitting me.
8. Shoot scene #2, one line, "Sure Thing". Delivered brilliantly.
9. Crew applauds my work, slort like being compelled to tip a waiter who brought you a cup of coffee. I am released at 8:40am. Take two donuts and a sprite - because I can - and drive off lot.
10. Take nap around 3pm to offset early morning shoot.
11. Calculate that I am paid over $100 PER LETTER for my shoot. Makes me highest paid actor on the set per letter and per hour. Feel immensely powerful. Nap some more and dream of more Sure things in life.

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Anonymous said...

This thing's gonna turn into a recurring part, I can feel it. I mean - they take a LOTTA taxis in that show...