Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And Now A Word from My Sponsors

Nothing spectacular here, just going to list all the commercials I've ever done. Not really for you as much as for me to have some sort of record.

Well, I take it back, I am putting this online to impress you and make me feel good about myself.

Barona Casino (With Kenny Rogers...never aired)
103.7 the Planet
Golf Club Spot (For some reason, they hired an Irish crew to fly to San Diego to make this spot. Never aired. Paid me $3,000)
Cox Cable
Computer Company (Don't remember name. It was about y2k and ran during one tennis tournament)
Barona (this time it aired)
Geico (Made a TON of money on this one)
Sony Playstation
Luizanne Iced Tea
Wall Street Journal (cast in it, but shot the pilot for "The Invisible Man" instead. Good choice.)
Dodge Nitro
Southwest Bell (Hardest shoot I ever had)
Borders (easiest shoot I ever had)
Taco Bell (Cut from it, voice for CGI Turtle replaced with lame dude)
USE Bank

I probably missed a couple, but that's the list.

I kind of feel like when you list all the girls you hooked up with and suddenly you realize that it wasn't as many as you thought. to be sure, these spots have made me over $100,000 collectively..maybe higher. But when I think of the hundreds of commercials I try out for, it seems less impressive than a couple of paragraphs ago promised. Certainly, the list of commercials that I almost got is far more impressive, if not as lucrative.

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Andrea said...

I feel compelled to leave a comment here. I hope you don't mind.

You were in a Geico commercial? I must've either missed it, or I didn't recognize you. What commercial was it, if you don't mind my asking?

I agree with you on your decision to go with I-Man instead of the Wall Street Journal commercial. Smart move! The show wouldn't have been the same without your version of Eberts.

You would've made an excellent CGI turtle, I'm sure. Silly Taco Bell..

Anyway, nice list you've got there. Now if only you could nab a more steady acting role somewhere, *cough*theinvisibleman*cough*. At least there is the potential movie...

(By the way, I just randomly happened across your blog today, for the first time.)